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Pool Doctor - Feb/Mar 2021

2020: From Covid to 2021…and onwards

2020: From Covid to 2021…and onwards

As the new year dawned, I could not help but feel thankful for the prospect of 2021 lying ahead of us. Over the past three years we saw a big economic decline in the construction sector, we went through the worst drought, and just as we started breathing after good rains blessed most of Namibia, Covid was here in March and led to arguably the biggest personal and financial impact on Namibians in decades.

The swimming pool business is very demanding and thus, all Lic personnel need to work long hours during summer to make sure pool repairs are done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Over the years Lic Pool has seen many a new employee start working at Lic, followed by a “casual approach” getting the better of him or her and thus leading to our ways parting.

Today I would like to thank all personnel at Lic Pool for the long hours, countless telephone calls and time spent trying to repair pool leaks, Jacuzzi’s, Koi ponds and water features. This team stuck with Lic Pool over the past difficult years and also in 2020.

At Lic Pool’s factory in Windhoek we manufacture new fibreglass swimming pools. Our various divisions are the cogs in the wheel of our greater success:

Our Gunite division uses the Gunite machine to construct custom-designed concrete pools. Lic also works together with customers who design their own concrete pools. In these cases, we do all filtration and finishes on the pool and ensure the customer gets a 100% working pool.

Lic Pool’s Maintenance division does various pool and pond repairs. This year we saw many a customer asking us for different pool repair options. From a “cheap repair option”, to the full makeover of the pool. This allows our customers to make an informed decision as to what repair they choose and how long it may last.

Lic Pool’s Pool Service teams, visit customers’ homes to clean ponds, Jacuzzi’s and swimming pools. They report back to the maintenance manager as to problems with the filtration systems where repairs are needed. Pools with water which is way out of chemical balance, due to whatever reason, get special attention from the management team.

Thank you to each and every customer who supported Lic Pool Centre over the years. We trust you will have a successful and blessed 2021.

Until next time.

Burgert Terblanche

Tel: 061-232839, Fax: 061-238602
Email: [email protected]

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