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Pool Doctor - Dec/Jan 2021

Attend to your pool and get sparkling results

Attend to your pool and get sparkling results

How frustrating to find your own pool less sparkling and inviting than the ones on the magazine covers.

Let’s dive right in: Cloudy pool water (with a touch of green) is often caused by very simple issues.

Incorrect pH level: The pH level of water ranges from 1- 14. A pH level of less than 7 means the water is quite acidic, while a pH greater than 7 means the water is more alkaline. Water with a low pH value can be outright dangerous to your health. Often one can see the white scale build-up in the bottom corners of the pool or on the mosaic strip. This build-up also takes place inside the filter. For example on farms, we often find that the scale build-up is so high inside filters that we need to replace all internals.

Pool pump not running long enough at a time
: In summer and during times when the pool is in high demand by family and friends you should run the pool pump at least 12 hours per day, to get the pool water pumped through the filter sufficiently to clean it.

Not backwashing enough: The backwash of a filter is extremely important. Most pool filters are filled with sand. This sand traps fine materials in the water. After a while, the filter sand becomes so clogged it becomes necessary to reverse the flow of water through the filter (via a backwash). This process washes all debris out of the filter. Remember to place the multiport lever on “Rinse” and run the pool pump for 10 seconds after the backwash was done. If the backwash cycle is too short, you will see a cloud of dirty water being blown back into the pool, after the filter setting is placed back to the filter position.

Filter sand is poor quality: Filter sand is not something which is collected on the beach or in the dunes. Our supplier is an engineer by profession. The filter sand grains have to be of a certain size with a certain silica content to be efficient. We courier our filter sand all over Namibia to customers.

Filter sand is so old, it needs replacement: If you have done all the above and the water is still cloudy, then replace the filter sand. It is good practice to replace filter sand at least once every two years.

If all else fails, contact us at [email protected] I’m there to get your pool sparkling and fit for a magazine front page.

Until next time.

Burgert Terblanche

Tel: 061-232839, Fax: 061-238602
Email: [email protected]

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