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Do you want your house to look interesting and exciting… rather than drab, boring and dull?
Then 2019 is the year for you! Bold is back… dark interiors is now an inspiration to many stylists and even you can pull it off!
To be bold is to bring something into the house or living space with a strong, vivid or clear appearance.

Let ‘s make the move from dull and plain to bold and beautiful
*Bold backsplashes – dark and inviting. Try this in your kitchen this year.
*Black is back – for the brave at heart – paint your bathrooms pitch black for a luscious, elegant look.
*Tonal reds are in and can provide for wonderful contrast and warmth.
*Place big, bold plants in pots in your home, but keep the plants’ needs in mind.
*Dark accent walls create balance, but rather shade the other walls in neutral hues.
*Statement pieces… just be bold and energize your living space.
*Floral fabrics and wallpapers.
*Striking window dressings or blinds in darker, bolder colours.
*Use abstract geometric patterns in decoration – and repeat, repeat, repeat.
*Place sofas, armchairs and ottomans as statement pieces – big, soft and comfortable.

How to use bold colours

Adding a pop of colour into a room can change the mood of the room completely.

The colour red
Red, a vibrant colour and so powerful. Red increases heart rate – therefore use a warmer shade to create a good feeling.
It increases appetite and can be used in kitchens.
Blue colour
The colour blue possibly lowers blood pressure and heart rate. A lighter shade enlarges a room.
You can use blue to cool a room with much sun and heat. A blue room also has a calm and stabilising effect in a bedroom.

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