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Bringing warm and positive change into your space

Bringing warm and positive change into your space

Here at Spectiles by Pupkewitz Megabuild, we have explored Dulux’s Brave Ground Colour of the Year and are happy to announce that it has come just in time. This warm, neutral, and natural colour will allow us to bring about a much-needed positive change at home and in the world around us. It not only brings us back to our roots but will allow us to really focus on what is truly important while restoring quality in our lives after the very disruptive year of 2020.



Tiles are the perfect partner to combine with Brave Ground as they flawlessly complement the natural feeling that this colour embodies and because of its neutrality, it can easily be paired with a vast array of different tiles. We recommend adding a touch of style and colour with our exclusive Mosaic Vero range that will allow you to create your own unique and timeless designs for both interior and exterior spaces. This combination will provide vibrant and exciting patterns to make the overall look stand out.

Tile-inspired moodboard

Interior fabrics

For the perfect interior combo, look no further than our breath-taking Hertex fabrics. Here one would look at the Velvet Symphony range where options such as the Ashbourne in Late Rose, Feast in Decadent or Lake District in Fall offer some extravagant patterns for that special touch to finish off the look.

Fabric-inspired moodboard


We can help you set the perfect scene. For this style, we recommend going with warm white and amber tones as these really help to enhance one’s mood by promoting feelings of courage, higher self-esteem, happiness, and energy. To really make the most of this lighting one would avoid matt or any surfaces with more than 25% sheen.

Patio range

We recommend our wooden-look tiles and vinyls which pair wonderfully and would work flawlessly for a Father’s Day braai out on the patio. Why not add a touch of colour with our exclusive new patio range that offers both comfort and style with something along the lines of the red Ilyada hanging chair, which marvellously complements the Brave Ground theme?

Our hands-on team specialise in bringing all your design dreams to life. Whether you have a complete vision or only a colour in mind, our wide range of tiles, sanitary and soft finish products are more than up to the task.

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