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Pool Doctor - Aug/Sept 2021

Clear pond water… this is how

Clear pond water… this is how

Mentioning the word “chemicals” results in most readers switching off as they have a mindset that this is a complex subject. Have no fear!

In this article we will focus on steps to get the water inside a fishpond crystal clear, with green algae growing only on the floors and walls.

Here we go…

  • The speed of the water passing through the filters is very, very important. Too fast or too slow will lead to poor filtration.
  • Does the pond get enough air? There are various bubblers on the market. A waterfall is a good source of air, providing the water entering the pond creates a lot of bubbles.
  • Proper UV lights. A UV light kills harmful bacteria in the water. In the absence of a UV light, the Koi pond water can easily look like green pea soup (meaning toxic). It is good practice to install larger UV lights than specified by the supplier. This gives you a sufficient sanitising buffer for times when the fish spawn or there is intense sun or heavy rains.
  • A decent bottom drain and surface skimmer need to be in place. Depending on the size of the Koi pond, you might need more than one bottom drain, to suck the muck up.
  • Another potential problem is when leaves collect and begin to decay amongst the rocks. Rotting leaves produce tannin acid. This doesn’t bother the fish, but will turn the water a brown, dirty-looking colour. The only way to get clear water again is to drain the pond and power wash the rotting leaves from between the rocks.
  • Add fresh water to the pond on a regular basis. Fishpond backwash water can be used on the lawn and plants in your garden. Plants normally flourish when watered with fishpond water, as there is no chlorine in this water.
  • Lastly, make sure there is a constant flow of water from the one side of the pond, to the other, similar to a slow flowing river. It will be good for the pond and pleasing to the eye.

The older I get, the more delighted I am by small accomplishments. Getting something simple to work, like a small fishpond, can also give you great pleasure and will be a tonic for your self-esteem. Best of all, it’s there to show off to all friends who pop in to say “hi”.

If you need more info or a little bit of help, please take the opportunity to email me at burgert@licpool.com.

Until next time.

Burgert Terblanche

Tel: 061-232839, Fax: 061-238602
Email: info@licpool.com

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