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Pool Doctor - Oct/Nov 2020

Dangers of too much chlorine in a swimming pool

Dangers of too much chlorine in a swimming pool

Warmer temperatures and kids being at home due to the Covid-restrictions, make for more focus on the pool, as a way to let the youngsters get rid of their energy. So, it happens that the pool cover is removed and after a day of being exposed to the sun, the pool goes green. Of all the things we need to focus on, one of the last things we really want is having to take care of a green pool.

As a knee-jerk reaction, the first thing most people do is to DOSE it with chlorine. This might look like the right option to get the pool looking blue, but did you know that too many chemicals can be outright dangerous for the swimmers?
A pool with excessive chlorine is a blend of harmful chemicals and a health hazard to swimmers in two ways: It causes a burning sensation on the skin and secondly, the gases given off by the evaporation of water from a pool that has been overdosed with chlorine, affect the nose and eyes, causing severe itchiness and discomfort.

Beware the following chlorine poisoning symptoms:
• Nausea and vomiting
• Throat burning
• Eyes itching
• Breathing becoming difficult or shallow
• Skin reddening
• Chest has dull pain

Our advice would be to ask the Lic Pool team to visit your house and do a proper pre-summer pool and pump inspection. Rather prevent the problem than treat the patients.

At first glance the answer seems straight forward, but a crystal-clear blue pool is not just a result of adding chlorine. A pre-season pool treatment would entail a few visits by the team to your house. We start with initial chemical dosages, then manually clean the pool, following up with chemical dosages until the PH, alkalinity and chlorine levels are balanced. In cases where the TDS (total dissolved solids) in the pool water are too high, the water will not become crystal clear, no matter how many chemicals you add. Our on-site teams will flag this and other difficult problems to the Lic Pool Maintenance Office and our chemical specialists will interact with the client and the on-site team to address these more serious problems. After all is well with your pool, you should find it easy to keep the pool’s water chemicals in balance while the little ones entertain you with smiles and laughter in and out of the pool.

To book your pre-summer checkup, contact info@licpool.com. We also have various pool cleaning contracts available, to help you take the hassle out of the cleaning and maintenance of your pool. Until next time.

Burgert Terblanche

Tel: 061-232839, Fax: 061-238602
Email: info@licpool.com

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