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Make the Connection - Jun/Jul 2021

Fixed or Mobile, the choice is yours

Fixed or Mobile, the choice is yours

Following the introduction of MTC’s Spectra product 18 months ago, customers may now choose between fixed or mobile internet connectivity at home.

The popular mobile Netman Unlimited for N$ 1069/month, is true value for money.


  • It’s a plug and play connectivity. Once an application has been approved, the customer can set up the equipment quite easily.
  • Connectivity is not limited to one location. Travellers can simply unplug the device at home and take it along to the coast or even to the farm.*
  • Can be used on MTC’s 3G- and 4G-neata bundle offerings are available.
  • Customers can simply remove one sim card and replace with another to ensure connectivity for another user.
  • Both post-paid and prepaid cards can be used.


  • Free data at maximum speeds is limited to 125 GB (fair usage limits apply).
  • Top-up with data bundles or turbo boosting cost extra.

Fixed options

MTC Spectra 10 MB/sec for N$ 701/month or Spectra 25 MB/sec for N$ 1099/month are both ideal choices for budget-conscience data users who want that little bit extra for less.


  • Customers can never run out of data thus no extra costs to worry about; you only budget for your monthly subscription.
  • Dedicated speed, depending on the package selected.
  • Free installation offering for a limited period (T&Cs apply).


  • Installation must be done by an MTC-approved installer.
  • Installation and connectivity are fixed for one location only and cannot be used at another location.
  • Additional costs incurred if customer moves to another location and requests a re-installation.
  • No prepaid offering available.

It’s important for customers to assess their needs, location and which option (fixed or mobile) will best suit their connectivity needs.

For more information, visit www.mtc.com.na or download the MTC App from Apple and Google play stores. For your application needs, please visit your nearest Mobile Home or authorized dealer countrywide.

For additional information on SPECTRA HOME, dial our toll-free number 90111 or send us an email to spectraadmin@mtc.com.na and a service consultant will contact you.

*With rural LTE expansion, Netman Unlimited may be ideal for your farm, plot, lodge or rural location that previously had 3G-connectivity only, please contact MTC to enquire about our 4G- expansion.

Alan R. Krohne
Manager Retail: Infrastructure and Development

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