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Featured Articles - Aug/Sept 2021

Flaunt your fancy by bringing nature indoors

Flaunt your fancy by bringing nature indoors

In recent years, as mindfulness concerning the globe’s diminishing natural resources has increased, the tendency has grown to bring nature into homes. Research shows that by simply being in a natural environment you can notice stress relief, mental clarity, and an overall improvement in your well-being.

Let’s explore a few simple but effective ways to bring the outdoors into our personal space.

Raw materials

A firm favourite amongst back-to-basics trendsetters, is the incorporation of raw materials. ‘Live edge’ is a style of furniture where the carpenter leaves the original edge of the wood visible as part of the beauty of the design. The art is hidden in the fact that you can take something simple and familiar and turn it into a statement piece.
Pupkewitz Megabuild stocks various carpentry and joinery tools as well as complementary products such as wood stains, melamine boards etc.

Wood-like tiles and stone accents for bathrooms

While wood is a great example of au naturale, there are so many other options when it comes to inviting nature indoors. The rough texture of pebble tiles reminds us of childhood walks outdoors, here subtly combined with lookalike wood to create a calming atmosphere in the bathroom.

Visit SpecTiles by Pupkewitz Megabuild for an exciting range of these products to create your individualised space.

Paint in earthen hues

Give any space a quick and easy makeover and choose earthy browns, greens, blues and whites.
Earthy tones are flat and muted and therefore complement wood, metal, stone and even glass, to create a soothing design. We offer you all these options under one roof with professional advice and an extended range of suppliers and colour charts.


Art is one of the easiest elements that can be blended into any style. Try a black and white print, or take a photo of your favourite landscape and draw your colour inspiration from that. Repeating accent colours from a favourite artwork is a great way to blend natural décor in your home.Wallpaper in blown-up, oversized florals and leaf patterns combined with geometrics are also dominating the interior scene.

We all have an inherent need to have a home in tune with nature. Use these guidelines to make the transition between the indoors and outdoors more fluid.

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