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Market Review March 2020

FNB insurance has your back

FNB insurance has your back

Considering how many times we read about house break-ins and robberies, home safety remains a concern for many Namibians. It is important for homeowners and tenants to do what they can to ensure their own safety at home.

While nobody wants to feel like they’re living in a prison, it is important to ensure you have the basic safety and security features installed - and in working order at home. Features such as burglar bars in front of windows that open and safety gates at the doors.

FNB Namibia offers these tips to ensure your home is as secure as possible:
1. Where possible, install exterior lighting that can be controlled remotely from inside the house. It is also worth considering demand lighting which is activated by a motion detector.
2. Try to reduce foliage and bushes in the vicinity of your driveway as these are good hiding places for would-be criminals.
3. Increase visibility. Do you have any high walls or tall hedges obscuring others’ view of the property? Try to remove these if possible – it gives criminals less opportunity to hide.
4. Automatic gates are preferable as you don’t have to leave the safety of your vehicle in order to access
your premises.
5. Add an emergency number to the speed-dial function on your phone.
6. It is useful to know your neighbours. Your neighbour is the one likely to notice and notify you if you forgot your garage door open at night, or if there is a suspicious character lurking around your house during the day. Security systems are important, but vigilance can also go a long way in keeping our neighbourhoods safe.
7. Re-think your insurance. Having a helping hand when disasters hit home is essential. FNB’s home insurance options are bound to fit your requirements and your pocket.

Our Home Contents Insurance covers theft of personal belongings; any costs arising from damages caused by a failed theft attempt; loss of personal belongings as a result of a burglary with visible signs of forced entry; damage to personal belongings as a result of natural disasters; and malicious damage to personal belongings.

As an experienced and well-established insurance provider, FNB Insurance can offer you insurance solutions to preserve your wealth by protecting your assets, backed by excellent service and expert advice.
Make that call now.

Elzita Beukes
Group Communications Manager

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