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Pool Doctor - Aug/Sept 2020

Getting the inside of the pool just right

Getting the inside of the pool just right

The product used inside the pool to finish the pool walls, is one of the most important choices to be made when planning for a new pool or a pool refurbishment.

Option 1: Cheapest, but not recommended, is to use paint

Pool paint is not resistant to chemicals and the pool acid we put in the pool water eats the paint, until in no time, it looks like this:

Pool paint is not a pool sealer. This means that when the pool structure moves, cracks in the walls will automatically lead to the pool leaking.

At LIC Pool we do not use pool paint, as we know it has a short life span. The slightly lower price does not compensate for the schlep the owner has of having to redo the pool every two years.

Option 2: Marbelite the pool

Marbelite is a coloured, white cement-based product which is ap-plied onto the pool structure. When properly done, and if the pool is not overdosed with acid, this product can easily last eight years, before it needs to be redone. Marbelite makes for a beautiful pool finish as colours can be custom mixed.

At LIC Pool we marbelite pools on a regular basis. We also work with many clients who have their pool built by the company doing the renovations at their house, and LIC Pool does the marbelite and the filtration works.

Clients are often under the impression that marbelite seals the pool shell. However, this is not true. If the pool shell cracks, it will lead to cracks in the marbelite and a leaking pool.

Option 3: Use a fibreglass lining

Fibreglass is a chemical-resistant product. Done right, the pool will last a lifetime. It is normal for a fibreglass pool to need a semi-reline (meaning the pool coat is redone) once every twelve years. Fibreglass has the advantage that it is more tolerant to structural defects. Repairs to fibreglass are easy and quick to do. The biggest disadvantage to fibreglass is the fact that the pool colours are limited.

Option 4: Tile the swimming pool

This option is initially very expensive, but tiled pools last a lifetime. It can be fun choosing the design but remember that your children will outgrow childish themes. The biggest disadvantage to a tiled pool is that it is cold and costly.

My advice is to contact us at info@licpool.com and invite me or one of my colleagues for a cup of coffee at your pool. After seeing the pool and structure, we would be able to give you the best advice on the best finish for your pool.

Burgert Terblanche

Tel: 061-232839, Fax: 061-238602
Email: info@licpool.com

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