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Short Story- Jun/Jul 2021

Honouring our fathers

Honouring our fathers

Fathers are the special men in our lives who live for more than just themselves. They are the men who guide their children onto the right path and provide comfort to their family: The men who keep the world spinning.
But fathers are not always biological. In fact, we often have several father figures in our lives and all of them deserve to be praised. Because fathers are not only the men with children, but also the men to whom we look up as a father figure.

But who exactly are these father figures who deserve praise?

Father figures are the men who guide us as fathers guide their children. Clarence Budington Kelland, the late American author, said: “My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it.” In the same way, authority figures also guide their followers - they may be the CEOs who portray work ethic, the principals who lead their students, or the men who portray humility as they stand up for justice. A commendable example is Nelson Mandela. Not only did he free the oppressed, but even after his death he still inspires others to be truly humble and caring. Mandela and countless other authority figures inspire and guide us like fathers also do and they deserve to be praised.

Alongside the inspirational father figures, we also ought to praise those who love us as their own children. In the article: The Science of Dad and the ‘Father Effect’ written by Joshua A. Krisch we read that it is really important to know that your dad cares and wants to be involved to the extent that he can. But this fatherly love and care is often received from numerous father figures such as uncles, brothers and even a friend’s father. These are our second dads whom we need to appreciate as well.

Finally, we must be thankful for the father figures who portray Jesus’s love, inspiring us to seek God. They may be our own fathers or even pastors and mentors, because they live according to 1 Thessalonians 2:11–12 which states that a father should deal with his own children with encouragement and comfort, urging them to live lives worthy of God.

Thus, if you have a father and/or one of these inspirational, loving or godly father-like figures in your life, count your blessings.

Appreciate them and give them the love they deserve.

Sareez Basson

Featured in photo: Sareez (left) with her dad, Martin and sister, Aléza
Photo credits: Lourika Breed Photography

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