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Short Story- Feb/Mar 2021

Icy room

Icy room

My eyes purposely aim at the beautiful little girl in the park as she curls her blonde locks in her delicate hands. I envy her innocence and naïve sense towards the future. She is the clear reflection of my younger version – a version that only saw the gold in others. If only she would look deeper into her mother’s eyes, discovering the evil power of adults, sooner than I did.

The power which steals all might from the innocent child and grasps authority from the little one who deserves to be heard. The evil power which lurks inside all parents who do not deserve to roam this earth.

But I have conquered this dreadful power. I have become the gold which I saw in others, because now I shall help those in need gain back their voices.

“Enough! Stop kicking sand onto the blanket, Jess.” The mum’s words pierce my ears. Earth has no place for powerful parents like her. But there is another place where she would blossom – an isolated, cold room.

The room where all my fantasies have sprouted. It is the perfect, icy haven - tiled with white, furnished with metal shelves and icy limbs symmetrically placed on top. As soon as you enter, the tranquil atmosphere hugs you tightly. Oh, what a marvellous sight it is.

And that terrible woman makes the perfect cut for my pleasure room. The shiny shelves are specially allocated for parents like her.

“Mother, may I have another cookie, please?”

But that witch next to her refuses. I would give you all the cookies you desire, little one. But instead the woman’s powerful claws clasp around Jess’s tiny arms.

“I said only two cookies. That’s enough sugar for today, Jess.” The words thunder. Louder, louder, louder! They pound in my head, taking me right back to my youth.


“Daddy, please. No!”

“You disobedient brat. You emptied the cookie jar again!” erupts my father as he rapidly grabs my arms, tossing me left. Franticly, I crawl to the doorway.

“Daddy, I’m sorry.”

But my words smash into my father’s red eyes, unable to activate his empathy.

“You are a disgrace to earth,” departs from my intoxicated father’s mouth as he clasps my neck with his tentacle fingers. With a pounding chest I gasp for air. “Daddy please,” I plead, but my efforts are worthless, and my strength vanishes into darkness.


“Do not touch her like that,” I burst out uncontrollably.

The woman turns her head toward me, her brows questioning my response.

Just like my hostile father the woman grabs Jess by the arm, tugging her closer.

No fear, little one, I promise her silently, she will not hurt you like he hurt me.

I keep a smile of deceit on my face yet my mind whirls with one thought: You are a disgrace to earth, woman.
I warned her. Out of love I asked her nicely to not touch the angel like that, but she refused to listen. She has willingly bought her ticket to my lovely ice room.

As I arise a tear escapes my eyes. I will now bestow my supreme love onto Jess as I give her back the authority she deserves and cleanse the earth of the disgrace beside her.

Rapidly, I impale my razor-sharp knife into the woman’s heart. A red rose blossoms on her white shirt.

Before Jess has time to run, I tightly hug her, carrying her home. Love engulfs me as Jess’s tears of joy stream onto my shoulder. Her distinctly playful personality overwhelms me as she kicks around.

“You are safe now little one,” I whisper into her ear. “There are many cookies and an abundance of sisters for you at home where you can do as you please. And your mother will be right next to us in my beautiful, icy room.”

Sareez Basson

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