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Introducing Black Dahlia Interiors

Introducing Black Dahlia Interiors

Introducing Black Dahlia Interiors

Newcomer on the block, Patja Tjipueja, of Black Dahlia Interiors, launched her company in Windhoek in early 2019. She specializes in residential, corporate and commercial designs.

She describes her personal taste as “very Boho Chic with a touch of Gothic glam… might not be a legit thing but hey… My focus as an interior designer is more on Modern African, Hollywood glam and Bohemian décor.” Her company name, Black Dahlia, has nothing to do with a dahlia flower. The name was inspired by the American actress with the same name who was brutally murdered in the late 1940’s. “It’s a bit dark and mysterious… I like to keep people wondering…”

Patja advises clients to incorporate their personality in their interior. “Your home is your sanctuary, being in that space should bring you some form of peace and that can only happen if you’re surrounded by bits of who you are, instead of trying to incorporate design trends that don’t speak to who you are.”

Weighing in on this month’s theme of circles and curves in décor, she reckons one can add inexpensive accessories to subtly change the entire aesthetic. She advises that incorporating circles and curves to your home and workspace will add some softness and a sense of calmness to your space. These soft shapes add an organic and natural feel, making the room comforting and welcoming. “Consider subtly adding rounded edges and curves with curved armchairs or stools, ottomans, low tables, vases, tiles, wall art, mirrors, light fixtures, rugs or textiles.”
“When used correctly, simply adding a textured cushion, lamp or side table will allow the room to appear invitingly warm and cosier.”

“Rounded shapes and curves first became a trend in the 1980’s. This trend was significantly inspired by the Art Deco of the late twenties.”

Patja Tjipueja

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