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Kruger Real Estate

Kruger Real Estate

Leroy, is it true that Kruger Real Estate is a family business? And when did the Agency open its doors?
We launched in 2016 and my oldest son Brandon is one of our agents and handles our adverts as well, while Roberto my youngest, is keeping me on my toes with the admin and book-keeping. But we are not entirely a family business – Tinus, Anna-Mari & Hansie are our other three outstanding agents. I would rather describe us as a business helping families find the perfect home.
Why would you rather do an article on the agency and not focus only on you as principal?
At Kruger Real Estate we are a TEAM. Everyone plays a crucial role in providing our clients with good service. Our slogan is “Powered by Dedication,” and that is what we try to achieve every day.
Every seller, buyer, landlord and tenant is valuable to us and as a team we go the extra mile to ensure smooth transactions.
To achieve optimal results in choosing the perfect property one must choose the right property experts. Choose Kruger Real Estate - you owe it to yourself!
Tell us which areas do you cover and what is your primary focus?
We try to concentrate our efforts on sales and rentals in Swakopmund specifically but have also done sales in other towns. Our primary focus is customer service.
Why would someone choose Kruger Real Estate as preferred agency?
At Kruger Real Estate we remove all the obstacles to efficiently sell a property. We advertise on radio, printed media as well as on all of the relevant online portals to reach a worldwide audience. We don’t just sell houses – we sell homes. At Kruger Real Estate you can sit back as we take care of the A-Z of transactions.
Except for selling homes what other services does Kruger Real Estate provide?
If you have a property to rent out, contact us, as we have a client base with potential tenants waiting.
We also have strict selection criteria to ensure that we place the best tenants in your property.


Wat is jou gunstelinggereg?
’n Goeie steak met ’n lekker stukkie vet.
Watter tipe werk sal jy glad nie wil doen nie?
Enige werk onder die water! Soos kommersiële duiker.
Wat is die beste manier om die dag te begin?
Vroeg opstaan met ‘n goeie koffie.

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