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Make it a safe haven

Make it a safe haven

Your garden might be a soft target for thieves, making it easier to break into your home. With a bit of common sense, you can secure your garden without interfering with the aesthetics.
Maintain neatness where possible. Rubble and junk piled in a corner to be removed “later” provide ideal landing spots for intruders climbing over walls.

  • Keep higher-growing shrubs neatly trimmed at all times. Not only do they have a better appearance, but healthy growth is encouraged, pests and diseases are noticed at an early stage and they offer no hiding place for unwelcome guests.
  • It is not a good idea to plant shade trees or higher-growing shrubs on pavements too close to boundary walls. They serve as a ladder for easy access to your property.
  • Never plant anything on each side of your electric gate where anybody can comfortably hide, slip in and make a move. An example is the Gold Crest Conifer that has a dense, pyramidal growth with a 2.5m base and a height of 5m, perfect to make anyone invisible.
  • Never leave garden tools like spades, steel rakes and forks lying about. Not only can they be stolen but they can also be used as a weapon and cause serious injury.
  • Dense, thorny shrubs or hedges can be off-putting to intruders, so consider planting them on or around your home’s perimeter. Try Pyracantha (Firethorn), Bougainvillea or Berberis.
  • The truth is that burglars don’t like to be seen and a security light can be a good but affordable deterrent, especially if you have a side path to your back garden.
  • Another good low-key option is a layer of gravel down your driveway or path. Treading quietly is almost impossible and criminals are sure to feel uncomfortable.

Personal safety
  • Store pesticides away safely where they are out of the reach of children and pets.
  • It is always a good idea to know whether plants are poisonous or not when it comes to children and pets. Consult your local nursery experts if you are in doubt.
  • Use pesticides responsibly according to instructions. Always wear gloves, masks and goggles to protect yourself. Read the labels and follow instructions closely.

TIP: March is a good time to replenish organic matter in your garden. Add a layer of compost in beds, around trees and as top dressing on your lawn. Agriturf compost is of excellent quality.

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