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Make your own leather plant holder

Make your own leather plant holder

You will need:
• Leather; about 22 x 22cm
• 4x Grommets/eyelets (optional)
• Leather cord •Plant hanger template (available on the internet)
• Small pot to fit the finished hanger
• Scissors • X-acto knife
• Grommet/eyelet setter (optional)
• Binder clips • Cutting board or cutting mat
• Marker (optional)

Step 1
Print out the template on A4 paper and cut out the outer circle. Place it on the back side of the leather and hold it in place with the binder clips.

Step 2
Cut the outer circle out of the leather with scissors, moving the binder clips as you go.
Next, cut the slits with the X-acto knife (this is where the cutting mat comes in handy!)
Be sure to have a steady hand and cut all the way through the paper and leather.

Step 3
Cut small x-shaped slits for the grommets, at the marked spots. Otherwise mark the spots on the back of the leather where the cord should thread through and cut a small slit with the X-acto knife.

Step 4
Remove the template and add the grommets/eyelets (optional).

Step 5
Cut two pieces of leather cord/lace of equal lengths. Mine were 150 cm long each, but you can vary your length. Thread the cord ends through opposite eyelet holes, and tie knots.
If you did not add eyelets, use an upholstery needle to thread the cord through, and tie knots.

There are several ways to hang your leather plant holder. You can just loop the leather over a hook, or you could gather the ends together and tie them into a knot, leaving a loop at the end.

Final Product

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