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Nailed it with Lindie - Dec/Jan 2021

Make your own miniature Christmas scenes

Make your own miniature Christmas scenes


  • Clean, empty tuna, sardine or mussel tins
  • Various tiny Christmas embellishments
  • Beads
  • Ribbon
  • Scraps of fabric and paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Double-sided foam
  • Hot glue gun
I just love the spirit of Christmas, and to combine it with my passion for upcycling is double the joy!

  1. Wrap the sides of the tin with paper strips or ribbon, stick with double-sided tape. Alternatively, you can use metal spray paint like Rustoleum.

  2. Cut out paper circles that will fit in the tin and adhere with double-sided tape.

  3. Create miniature Christmas scenes, using your glue gun.

You can add string to the tins to hang them on your Christmas tree or simply place them around as table decor.

Hint: Use battery-operated tealights for some added serenity!

Christmas baubles:

Glass Christmas baubles were first made in 1847 in Germany. By the mid-1890s, Woolworth’s stores in America were selling about $25 million in baubles each year. Max Eckardt of Germany then mass-produced his silvered ‘Shiny Brite’ baubles. They reached peak popularity in the late 1950s but faded soon after plastic ornaments were introduced. Luckily, they’re available on the vintage market as the demand for retro decorations is
rising. From: theculturetrip.com

Lindie Loock is married to John and lives in Swakopmund. She’s a happy mom of 3 children (Jaundré, Talia & Jahzara) & enjoys cycling & crafting in her spare time.

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