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Gretha dos Santos

Gretha dos Santos


Was real estate always a passion for you?
Starting out in 2009 was a leap of faith for me. I have always been fascinated by people and property. I knew how daunting the process of purchasing and selling a property can be and my goal was to make the process friendlier and to offer a professional, trustworthy service.

Can homeowners do anything extra to ensure a quicker sale of their property?
It is currently a difficult time to sell but making your home more attractive than the next one, helps. Purchasers are not as put off by old fashioned finishes, as they are by untidy properties. So, clean the garden, declutter your home and touch up paint rather than doing major kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Remember that buyers are attracted to a lifestyle. Make sure your home portrays a way of life that may draw purchasers.

What is the future of property investment in Namibia?
I specialize in residential sales, so I base my answer on that: Buying property should be viewed as a long-term investment of at least 10 years or longer. Many investors are now liquidizing their property assets, and with the new BON regulations, it is challenging to get financing for subsequent properties. This may create a shortage of rental properties over the next few years.
Once the demand for rental properties outweighs the supply, it will push rental prices up. There is no investment more solid than a paid-off property.

Is it important to work with an experienced agent?
Why would you entrust your most expensive asset to a novice? Purchasers tend to prefer viewing houses with someone they know and trust. Experienced agents have efficient networks with the attorneys, banks and valuators.
Experienced agents can leverage such experience to the benefit of both parties, especially in respect of complex transactions.

Name the most amazing place you ever visited.
Singapore: the architecture, the people, the food, the shops… Magic!
What are you most thankful for?
For this job where I meet new people and view new properties every day. I am blessed with wonderful clients, and I love pairing the right person with the right home.
What superpower would you choose?
I would love to be able to stretch time and make my days longer so that I can fit in more, and so that my kids may stay in my home longer…

Gretha pictured in a relaxed mood at her residence in Windhoek.

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