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Nailed it with Lindie - Aug/Sept 2021

Mirror your garden

Mirror your garden


  • Mirror
  • Door handle
  • Hinges
  • Thin wood panels (I used skirting for my frame, and thinner planks for my “window”)
  • Paint or exterior wood sealer
  • Glue (No more Nails or T-Rex)


If your mirror does not have a frame, cut one to size with the thicker wood. It is best to use a mitre saw.

Glue the planks to the mirror to create a frame. Fill any gaps with wood filler and let dry.

Mark out the open “window” with masking tape. It makes the measuring much easier. Determine the angle of the corners and cut to size with the mitre saw. Glue to the mirror. *Wait 24 hours before painting*

Paint the frames with chalk paint and seal with wax/glaze coat or use exterior varnish for a wooden look.

Hang your mirror in a favourite corner of your garden and enjoy the new angle on beauty it provides!

Lindie Loock is married to John and lives in Swakopmund. She’s a happy mom of 3 children (Jaundré, Talia & Jahzara) and enjoys cycling & crafting in her spare time.

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