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Pool Doctor - May 2020

Newcomers should check the swimming pool

Newcomers should check the swimming pool

When renting or buying a property it is very important to take special note of the pool. A blue pool might look perfect to the uninformed but may contain a couple of nasty expenses.

Here are some aspects to look out for:

Bubbles: Remove the pool cleaner completely. Make sure the water is not routed through the solar panels and start the pool pump. If there is a highly visible stream of bubbles coming out of the nozzles which return to the pool, you can be sure there is a leak on the suction line to the pool pump. This will result in water loss and can be expensive to repair.

If a pool pump is switched off for 2 months and more, chances are very good that it will start leaking at the mechanical seal. This can be repaired but if left undone too long, can lead to further repairs. Push down on the multiport lever (black lever next to the filter). If it turns with difficulty or you find the lever has virtually no spring resistance, you can be sure that a multiport replacement will be needed shortly.
Ask the owner when last the filter sand of the filter was replaced. Old filter sand will result in poor filtration and high chemical bills.
Close the pool completely for 24 hours. Mark the level of the pool water inside the skimmer. If you find more than a 3 mm drop in 24 hours, the pool is leaking somewhere.

Bubbles in the fiberglass: This is easily visible in the sun and is caused by overheating the pool water, or a pool being more than 8 years old. This can be repaired but a proper repair is expensive.

The above are some of the most important points to focus on when buying a new house or renting a property. If you are unsure about the state of a pool, you are welcome to email info@licpool.com to visit the property and do a full report.

Kiddies’ pools, also a specialty of Lic Pool. Contact Burgert to arrange a consultation after the
lockdown and get the dream pool you have been waiting for!

Burgert Terblanche

Tel: 061-232839, Fax: 061-238602
Macadam Street, Windhoek
Email: info@licpool.com

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