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No more slumber - time for action

No more slumber - time for action

As the soil temperature drops, lawns go into hibernation and tend to look a little sad. Cut back on watering and stop fertilizing. With an increase in soil temperature lawn roots want to feel their way back into the earth. However, the soil became compacted due to no root activity and needs to be aerated. Simply push a garden fork half of the tooth length into the soil, gently pace forwards and sideways.
Apply a layer of enriched garden soil plus Efekto’s 7:1:3 at the end of August on a monthly basis until the end of April. Lawn cricket damage can be prevented by drenching the nymphs with a systemic insecticide such as Efekto’s Plant Protector.
To prevent lawn fungus and unnecessary eva-poration, always water early morning. As lawn spider may be present, children and the elderly whose skins are thinner, should sit on a blanket on a lawn.


should have been pruned by now. Feed on a monthly basis with Efekto’s 8:1:5. The high nitrogen (first figure) content ensures strong stems to support heavy blooms as well as healthy foliage. To prevent fungal diseases such as black spot, maintain a fortnightly spraying program, alternating with two products to eliminate resistance built-up. Efekto’s Virikop and Funginex are excellent fungicides.

Deciduous fruit trees
were also pruned in July. Fertilize every three months with Efekto’s 3:1:5. This applies to evergreen fruit trees as well. It is not advisable to use systemic insecticides on edibles, rather introduce companion planting (ask your local nursery). It’s eco-friendly and will encourage beneficial predators (dragon flies, lace wing, etc.) and pollinators which are of prime importance for fruit trees.
Ants deposit aphid eggs on host plants. Control (not eradicate) ant population by using a food bait such as Efekto’s Ant Vanish or Ant Trap. Totally safe as far as pets and children are concerned.

evergreen and deciduous shade trees – trim and shape where necessary to encourage new growth and allow air flow. Fertilize with Efekto’s 3:1:5.
Planting new flowering annuals – use ample compost and Efekto’s 2:3:2 fertilizer. As a follow-up, use Multi Feed, Efekto’s Seagro or Colour Boost.

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