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Garden Focus - Aug/Sept 2020

No space? Try patio gardening!

No space? Try patio gardening!

Patio gardening is the perfect solution if you long for a garden but have a problem with space. Those who live in smaller houses or apartments with only a balcony or patio, may find some tips here. This gardening technique features the use of garden pots, tubs, and half barrels overflowing with flowers or vegetables.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when you start planning your patio garden:

Start small

Begin with only two to three pots and see how that goes. Also, be mindful of the time you may need and have available to manage your patio garden.

Consider sunlight and wind

The exposure of sunlight on your plants is extremely important. Patios and balconies facing north get at least six hours of sun, which is great, but the temperature might get too warm especially with the reflection of windows and white wall surfaces. Wind also plays a role and the higher up your apartment is, the more wind you may expect. Wind may be screened effectively by glass or Perspex panels that will also not affect your view.

Watering techniques

For plants to grow they need plenty of water. Those with large garden spaces typically use a waterpipe hose but for smaller living space this might not be ideal. It is then a good idea to have a watering can which is refillable and handled easily. To avoid water spills on your patio’s or balcony tiles or floor, use drip trays.

Selecting garden containers

Gardening containers come in all types of shapes, sizes and materials such as plastic, heavy clay and ceramic. Remember that wet soil has a weight of its own. So, before you get carried away, examine the structure of the balcony or patio, and how much weight it can hold. The last thing you need is a garden pot that is too heavy.

The right plants for your patio garden

Not all plants can grow anywhere. Which is why knowing and choosing the right types of plants to grow in your patio garden is key. Go for more compact shrubs and flowering ground cover that will be able to grow well in containers. Most herbs and veggies do great in pots.

You may even consider a vertical garden especially for your herbs and leafy veggies, which would also be space-saving. Do a web search for some ideas.

For patios facing north that get much sun, consider going for succulents that will be able to withstand the heat and full sun. For south-facing patios and balconies, rather select foliage plants such as Philodendrons, Delicious monsters or Alocacias.

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