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Aspiring Interior Designers promote sustainability at Potch Academy

Aspiring Interior Designers promote sustainability at Potch Academy

Interior designers are independent and innovative thinkers, who create inspiring functional and socially responsible spaces. The role of an interior designer, within the context of sustainable design, requires creativity, good problem-solving skills and to visualize spaces three-dimensionally. The scope of this interior design qualification includes subjects such as:
Design Theory, Interior Design in Practice, Building Science Theory, Technical Documentation and Specification. “ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES” form an important module within the curriculum.
Sustainable design is one of the fastest growing aspects of interior design. Its purpose is to create healthy buildings and interiors with high indoor air quality, effective energy use and simultaneously influence the perception and productivity of the consumer positively.
Designers plan these spaces by means of “biophilic design” based on the views, natural light, environmentally friendly materials, nature inspired décor accessories and colour use. It is the responsibility of the designer to determine the implication of the manufacturing processes and types of materials that are used and thereby educate the client about the different options available.
With the cost calculation for sustainable design, it is fundamental to determine the total cost over the long term after occupation. The initial purchase and installation costs are sometimes higher but because less energy is used during the life cycle of the design, it can still be economically beneficial.

The importance of preservation and restoration of historic interiors and “sustainable design” are extensively explored to ensure that the student demonstrate sufficient knowledge regarding these environmental factors.

The students learn to recognise and evaluate various materials, finishes, environmental systems and services critically according to their properties. Thus, promoting responsible “special needs” design choices such as: psychological and social needs for residential, educational, commercial, recreation, hospital and elderly care environments.

You will be regarded as competent in this study unit when you successfully apply all knowledge gained to advise clients, through conscious design development choices; environmental awareness regarding the manufacturing and choose materials to promote green building design principles, promoting the global impact of environmental design considerations at each stage of the design process.

Study at Potchefstroom Academy:

Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST Campus is situated in Potchefstroom, a vibrant student town.

Apart from the 3-year full time Interior Design (NQF level 6) qualification, the Academy also offers full time, fully accredited qualifications in:
Photography, Somatology, Cosmetology, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hairdressing and Business Studies. We also offer a full range of short courses throughout the year.
Potchefstroom Academy has a keen interest in grooming the future entrepreneurs of South Africa and Namibia. We educate our students by providing them with the relevant insights and advice on how to successfully market their skills and services through entrepreneurial pursuits.

Leandré Swartz created “Komorebi”, a residential design focused on the use of sustainable materials in 2017.

Lize Cilliers, 3rd year student in 2017 ended under the top 20 for the PG Bison competition with her design on the Heritage building, a concept focussing on green building principles.

Want to become a student at Potch Academy: Find further details at:

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