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Garden Focus - Feb/Mar 2021

Pure and peaceful white

Pure and peaceful white

I have always dreamed of a garden with only white flowers and a lot of green foliage. Unfortunately in Namibia, too much green means more watering although the combination of white and green makes a wonderful contrasting show and creates an awesome calming and peaceful atmosphere.

With the challenging Namibian climate and soil conditions, Namibian gardeners can still have this idyllic white and green garden, but we will have to plan carefully and make sure what we plant will flourish and withstand our conditions.

Many of my clients prefer white flowering shrubs and ground covers in their gardens, especially those who go for modern lines and clinical appearances in their homes.

Instead of green foliage, we should rather look at silver and grey foliage that also goes perfectly well with white flowers and are much more suited to our temperature and soil conditions. I want to give you ideas of plants you can use in your garden which will cope with our harsh climate:

Annuals/bedding plants like Sweet Alyssum, Impatience and Petunias.

Shrubs like Spiraea cantoniensis, Viburnum odoratissimum, Gardenia grandiflora, Wild Jasmine and Plumbago.

Groundcover like Erigeron karvinskianus or Asystasia gangetica.

Trees like Dombeya rotundifolia.

Creepers like Trachelospermum jasminoides and Jasminum polyanthum.

Silver/grey foliage like Helichrysum petiolare, Artemisia (Wormwood) and Stachys (Lamb’s ear).

The list is endless, but these are the plants proven to be hardy, and can tolerate not only the heat but also frost and our high alkalinity. Not only are these mostly indigenous from South Africa, but also readily available in most Namibian garden centres or nurseries.

Variegated foliage plants may also be incorporated, as foliage colour is permanent and creates a show throughout the year, not only in its flowering season. e.g. some decorative grasses such as Carex spp., Miscanthus spp. as well as Chlorophytum (hen-and-chicken) and Plectranthus spp. for the shadier areas.

If anybody had their doubts about a white and green/grey garden, the plants listed are but the tip of the iceberg.
Do the same with your indoor pot plants - white containers create a great contrast against the green and are even more special when white flowers pick up the pot colour. White flowers indoors as well as outdoors create a simple, less-is-more atmosphere.

Having a green/grey and white garden is not that impossible in our circumstances, so go for it and make it exciting!

Eugene le Roux

AgriTurf: Marco de Wet
Cell: 081 600 9584

Pupkewitz Megabuild:
Eugene le Roux
Cell: 081 124 6965

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