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Short Story - Sep 2019



Isolation grasps me in a vice-like grip, tightly squeezing the last drop of hope from my devastated soul. I try to gasp for air but cough instead. Red plasma immediately stains my splintered hands. The world has become lonely. It has transcended into a blood-curdling, abandoned place where I am unable to merely receive the minor comfort of life-giving oxygen flooding my lungs.
Earth was angered. The steam filled her raging mind until it finally exploded into a catastrophe of carbon dioxide. She was patient, but the fury could not be contained any longer. Her clenched fists reached out to rip the icebergs apart. Her fingers curled precisely around the clouds, causing the weather to erupt. Fury oozed from her soul into the careless lives of humans. It kicked them in the gut, bruised them as they fell apart and finally broke them. Earth took revenge and done so successfully.
But here I sit, begging for forgiveness of a sin I have not committed. Begging for sympathy, since I solely seek to feel the warmth of another person’s proximity touching my bruised skin, as we desperately pour fresh water down our throats, laughing at the beautiful sight of mother nature. But my cries go unheeded. My desolated sobs achieve no victory. I shall forever be alone in this petrifying universe once called Earth…
I listen carefully, seeking another voice. But only the sound of silence penetrates my ears. Whilst closing my eyes, I hear the beating of my heart thundering through the atmosphere. It penetrates the swirling, grey dust, encircling not only me, but also every petrifying creature roaming inside this void…
The fury quivering inside Earth was not simply satisfied. No, it was not only humans who bowed down to the wicked wrath of sin, but unfortunately Earth grasped the magnificent creatures, digging her nails into their beautiful bodies whilst they metamorphosed into malicious horrors. Various viruses spread through nature, affecting every animal in its path. And now my heartbeat spreads through nature, attracting every sinister creature in its way.
As I open my eyes, a soft murmur floats into my ears. Through the dark dust I perceive the frame of a devious beast, slowly crawling towards my fragile soul. The 420 pounds of dense muscle, claws and razor-sharp teeth suddenly gives vent to a thunderous growl. Fear paralyses me! As I crawl backwards, the beastly lion jumps towards me like a bolt of lightning. The deafening sounds captures me. For the first time I truly perceive the monster facing me: Stinking, yellow liquid oozes from its cavernous mouth, and scarlet blood trickles from festering sores on its muscular neck. It is not a lion anymore, but rather a virus reigning inside of this poor creature. With tremendous force the virus-infested animal effortlessly digs its teeth into my pale leg. Intense pain overwhelms me whilst my spine-chilling screams fill the polluted air!
Immediately, I force myself up and struggle to flee. With every step I am engulfed by this threatening world. Suddenly I stumble. I fall, roll over, attempt to run, but fail. Powered by adrenaline, I rip the knife from my pocket aiming at the furious lion beast. As the animal leaps toward me I plunge the razor-sharp weapon into its heart. Scarlet blood drips onto the muddy surface as the 420-pound beast topples to the ground.
Tears stream across my pale face. Here I sit, staring into the lion’s fading yellow eyes. A beautiful spark of life once glistened inside, but humans have corrupted that joy. The fury that reigned inside this creature was not Earth’s fault. No, humans have caused the viruses to corrupt mother nature. Humans have forced me to kill such a beautiful beast. And no one knows, because I am still alone!
I will not, however, be alone for eternity… Again I carefully close my eyes, listening to the world around me. It is not merely my heartbeat drifting through the atmosphere, but yours as well. My back might ache, and my tummy might be stretched, but at least I have you, my baby. I have you in this polluted, dangerous, filthy world…

Sareez Basson (19 years)

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