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Nailed it with Lindie - Jun/Jul 2021

Something for all the brave dads

Something for all the brave dads

SOMETHING FOR ALL THE BRAVE DADS, who stood their ground and worked so hard to keep their families safe during these challenging times! A DIY repurposing project for those cold winter days ahead.


  • Off-cut piece of plank
  • Paint
  • Tea candle and holder
  • 2 glass lamp shades from an old chandelier
  • Forstner bit and drill


Measure and mark the centre to place the lamp shades and candle holder.

Using the Forstner bit, drill shallow holes on which to place the inverted lamp shades. My bit was somewhat bigger than the base of my lamp shades, to accommodate for the wider base.

Paint the wood plank with 2 layers of chalk paint of your choice.

When the paint is completely dry, affix the lamp shades with clear silicone. I did not affix the candle holder so that I
may swop it for a dip bowl when needed.

Wait until dry and serve Dad’s favourite snack.

TIP: You could place this plank on a side buffet in the living room or on your kitchen counter. You may also use a longer piece of wood and add handles to easily turn the server into a tray.

Lindie Loock is married to John and lives in Swakopmund. She’s a happy mom of 3 children (Jaundré, Talia & Jahzara) and enjoys cycling & crafting in her spare time.

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