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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do…

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do…

Dulux Namibia is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of the total decorating process. We aim to
increase sustainability of home, work and leisure environments, and also minimize the environmental
impacts of our own operations.

Dulux has five pillars under the ‘Step Towards Greener’ approach to contribute positively to future generations.
We are proudly ranked within the top three chemicals companies in the world, according to the Dow Jones
Sustainability World Index.

Products and Services: We believe in delivering new products that tackle sustainability in an innovative way,
whether it is lessening the carbon footprint whilst adding colour with the Dulux Ecosure range or saving time and
money with the Dulux Trade Weathershield range. Our products offer the best balance of performance and
sustainability. We are proud to say that the potentially damaging volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of our interior and exterior products rate below 0.01% -- a sought-after benchmark in the chemical industry.

People and communities: Dulux recognises the impact that colour has in people’s lives through the Let’s Colour
Project. We encourage adding colour with an easy splash of paint, transforming grey spaces into colourful surroundings full of inspiration. The Let’s Colour Project is a worldwide initiative, teaming up with local communities to uplift spaces and bring about positive change.

Energy: Dulux encourages the reduction of carbon emission through energy reduction and the use of renewable
resources, thereby ensuring that our energy management systems measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

Transport and travel: Dulux is committed to reducing business-related travel. We encourage all employees
to reduce the environmental impact of their travel by introducing a business-wide audio and online conferencing
tool. We also continually optimize our delivery and logistics network.

Waste and resources: At Dulux we are committed to reducing waste from our manufacturing process at ourproduction site in Durban where we are engaged with a recycling company to manage waste on-site. Most of our packaging can also be recycled after it has been suitably cleaned.


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