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Pool Doctor - Apr/May 2021

Swimming pool: Friend or sleeping killer?

Swimming pool: Friend or sleeping killer?

Let’s jump right in. . . I was only 6 years old when I had my first near-drowning experience. I was lucky because I got another chance at life. Thinking back, there is a thin line between enjoying the advantages of a pool and the responsibility which goes along with it.

It takes seconds for a toddler to wander off to the pool. I don’t even want to go into the rest. . .

In Namibia, most people associate a pool cover with saving water and this is a very good point. However, the main reason we pay for a pool cover is actually the safety aspect.

Let’s look at a few points around pool safety:

It is vital to make very sure about the condition of your pool cover. Our Namibian sun takes no prisoners, and nothing lasts forever when being in the sun all day long. Once the cover material starts feeling hard, you must make a written note that in the not-too-distant future, the cover will need to be replaced.

Make sure your cover is installed by a reputable dealer. On first appearance it looks like any piece of material will do to cover the pool. Beware of claims for covers that “can be fastened in any possible way”. A cover not correctly installed can easily be opened up, wide enough to allow a toddler to enter the pool.

During our rainfall season it is a good idea to make very sure your pool is filled to its fullest. This way, the cover will not sag and tear from the rails under the weight of the rainwater accumulating on top.

A floating bubble cover (also called a solar blanket) is not a safety cover. This cover floats on the water and stops evaporation. It is, however, outright dangerous as it will not stop you from drowning if you, a child or a dog steps on it. Then again there are the el cheapo’s that will not see the end of the year, and then there are the real McCoys.

We also have younger parents asking us to install removable fencing around the pool. I suggest a pool cover plus fencing, as many toddlers are climbers. This will keep the toddlers safe and when they are big enough, you can remove both to have the full advantage of the pool area.

It is also good practice for hotels and B&Bs to have life saving devices visible at the pool area.

Best is to visit us at the LIC shop for a cup of coffee and allow us to discuss your pool safety needs.

Until next time.

Burgert Terblanche

Tel: 061-232839, Fax: 061-238602
Email: [email protected]

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