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Short Story- Dec/Jan 2021

“Through it all my eyes are on You… and it is well”

“Through it all my eyes are on You… and it is well”

As we reflect on the challenges we have overcome in 2020, we also stare into the mist of the unknown. We cherish the memories we made this year and are flushed with excitement for what we plan. This year we cried, and we laughed, but we faced the year together and now another awaits us. The question we all have is, “What will happen next year?” The answer we cannot retrieve because we have no control over the future. But we do have power over our choices and what paths we will follow in 2021.

I believe that the road to greatness for the coming year is a road paved with righteousness.

It is a road where we walk in God’s will as we are overcome by His divine love. As we choose this path we need to surrender and make God our priority, because only then will we find true peace, becoming the best version of ourselves and find joy.

We all can agree that 2020 taught us how life can change in the wink of an eye, that the future is full of unknowns and that no matter how thoroughly we plan, God will ultimately determine the future. But we need not fear when we choose to walk on the righteous road, for God will hear our pleas. We need not fear the future but may find peace in the unknown.

Furthermore, the road with God is a road where we become the best version of ourselves. As humans, we constantly delve into all the mistakes and flaws we have. We are overwhelmed with guilt and disappointment. We strive to be perfect, but never reach our expectations, because we are human. But God, however, sees us as perfect and as we walk with Him, every day we become a better version of ourselves without the guilt of being imperfect.

Finally, on the road with God we find true beauty and joy in life despite the storms surrounding us. During this year we all experienced storms and got sucked into a black void. These storms where sometimes small, but others blew us apart. Nothing is more powerful than Jesus. The words of “It is well” by Kristene DiMarco will see us through: “Through it all my eyes are on You and it is well, …it is well with my soul.”

Despite the storms God provides a joy and peace that is above understanding.

Despite the unknown waiting ahead we know that if we choose to rest in Him, we will find peace and become who we truly need to be, surrounded by His love and joy.

Sareez Basson

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