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Vermicompost promotes healthy soil and plants

Vermicompost promotes healthy soil and plants

Vitaboost Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer, made by Efekto, consists of earthworm castings in pellet form. Worm castings are the rich digested soil that worms leave behind and are chock-full of organic plant food, plus beneficial microbes. They aid plant growth and help fight off disease.
Unlike some other creature manures, earthworm castings are odourless and will not burn plants due to excessive direct nitrogen. Castings do contain 4% to 5% more nitrogen than average garden soil, but in a slow release form due to the slime the worms secrete as they digest. Worm castings make soil more absorbent, making moisture more consistently available and preventing the soil from completely drying out.
Worms introduce uncountable numbers of beneficial microbes and bacteria into the finished products, guaranteeing healthy soil. In addition, castings contain humic acids which aid plant nutrient absorption. Humic acids are an excellent natural and organic way to provide plants and soil with a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. They are complex molecules that exist naturally in soils, peats, oceans and fresh waters.
Germination and seedling growth are improved by planting in soil enriched with earthworm compost, making vermicompost fertilizer the super food of garden plants.
What makes worm castings so special? It’s the worm! As it digests the organic materials it consumes, it refines them. Nutrients, including minerals and trace elements, are reduced to their most usable form. The castings have a neutral pH of 7.0. Castings also curb certain plant diseases, including root and crown rots and wilt disease, and inhibit some insect pests like mites, aphids and mealy bugs. Surely a great way of preparing your soil before planting.
Application rate: 25gr per square meter, far less than other fertilizers, which makes it very economical.

Stocked at Ferreira’s Garden Centre:
5 kg covers 200 square meters and sells for N$ 145-00.
10 kg covers 400 square meters and sells for N$ 275-00.

TIP: Start treating lawns for mole cricket nymphs, far easier to control than the adult ones.
Do a drench with Efekto’s Plant Protector.

Maria Nel
Ferreira’s Garden Centre
Tel: 061-234900

Riaan Momberg
Cell: 081 124 0288

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