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Pool Doctor - Jun/Jul 2021

Winter fun around the pool

Winter fun around the pool

When the cold starts creeping in and swimming is no longer the family’s number one pastime, what’s to be done around the pool?

There are various options, one of which is heating the water and keeping up the swimming regime. Most winter days in Namibia are tolerable and if you are welcomed by a warmed towel and a hot toddy after your swim, it could be a viable option.

Heating the pool is not all, though. Make your pool area activity-friendly but still safe. The pool will need to be covered if not in use and various automated pool protectors are available. Not all protectors can bear the weight of a person falling into the water, so it is best to research well which options suite your lifestyle.

Playing games in the surrounding area round the pool is always fun. A ball game such as croquet is (mostly) quite sedate and the chances of having to fish croquet balls from the bottom of the pool are slimmer than when you play lawn tennis or touch rugby.

If there is ample space, consider designing a large chess board with pavers and ask the local carpenter to make the pieces – better still, make it a family project to sculpt them yourselves. You might want to consider storage space before you start. Stacking away 32 huge pieces of art calls for a large storeroom.

Speaking of huge: an inflatable outdoor movie screen can be bought online. Its 200-inch size makes for fun viewing outside at night. Some even have front and rear projection. The family and friends could all cuddle up alongside the fire pit and watch old family videos or the latest Netflix offering. The kit sells for under nine thousand Namibian dollars.

Some folks prefer quiet, contemplative time-out. Do make sure that your outdoor seating is weatherproof and inviting, for nothing beats an afternoon siesta in the winter sun.

Landscaping around the pool will be unique to your tastes, either based on activity or corners of solitude for bird-watching or yoga. The plants you choose need to be hardy and accepting of salt or chlorine water splashing over them. If the family dogs enjoy rushing around and around the pool when the family swims, place plants away from harm. Avoid spiky succulents if children and pets are likely to be clumsy.

It’s your space to make uniquely yours.

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